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Vision Mixer Scotland

BBC Pacific Quay

Setting up the vision mixers, running testing on them for user acceptance, building effects, operating during pilots and launch, training colleages on the new setup.

BBC Millbank

Automation specialist liasing with the lead directors to translate the desired look of Daily Politics and This Week onto screen using the newly installed Viz Mosart automation system.


Developing workflows regarding the new kit, training editorial and technical staff, floorwalking during the launch and handing over to staff.



BBC News

Automation specialist liasing with lead directors and heads of news to facilitate the BBC News migration to New Broadcasting House.  Integrating the Viz Mosart automation system with Kahuna Vision Mixers, Calrec Audio Mixers, Furio and Shotoku Camera Control, Viz Graphics engines, Congo Lighting Desks, Quantel Video Servers.


Working with creative leads to facilitate the new look of BBC News, programmes such as Newsnight and Hard Talk and all of the BBC World News brands on to air.


Running pilots, developing workflows, training editorial and technical staff and floorwalking during the launch periods and handing over to staff.



Launch director for the migration of Newsround Media City at Salford Quays.

Heading the move from an aesthetic and technical point of view, liasing with programme execs and producers to determine the new look of the programme and translating this to engineers and project managers to get the show on to air.  


Learning the new kit, running pilots, and developing the working practises and workflows required, directing the programme during launch week, eventually training, floorwalking up and handing over to staff.


Doha/Tribeca Film Festival

Prior to some multi-camera directing coverage of the festival itself, helping with the planning of the broadcast elements of the festival.


Ensuring best possible coverage was achieved by three OB units and in excess of fifty cameras spread across the site.


Liasing with heads of depertment and technical manager to design the camera plans and rig for the world's largest open air performance structure, two red carpet sites, an ampitheathre and an opera house.


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